Offers a wide range of products to service the majority of your cleaning needs.

Our Sellers’ products include a full line of rotary tank cleaning machines for effective rinsing, or impingement cleaning of the interior walls of all types and sizes of tanks and vessels.

We also provide a complete line of Hydraulic Jets which combine cold water and steam to provide a high-pressure, hot water cleaning solution for the exterior surface cleaning of plant equipment.

Our Hydraulic Jets can also be used in place of expensive pumps and heat exchangers to supply an effective cleaning solution to operate our full line of tank cleaning machines.


Over 145 years of excellence and innovation

Our products have been used successfully in a broad range of applications in the Wine, Brewing, Bulk Transport, Chemical and Food Processing, Paint & Coatings, Refining, Steel, Pharmaceutical, Marine and General industries.

In addition, the Cloud Contract Machining Division, which also started in 1951, concurrently specializes in the manufacture of complex components derived from materials ranging from plastics to high-tech alloys. Cloud services include prototype, and short– and long–run production work on state-of-the- art CNC machinery.

The Contract machining division provides quality products to many well known customers in the brewing, petroleum, semiconductor, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Others may claim to be leaders in the industry, but Cloud was the original pioneer and is still leading the charge. From the world-renowned early models (Model II, II-B and III) to setting the standard with the Model 360 Tank Cleaning Machine, Cloud was the original designer, patent holder and original manufacturer. The Model 360 is still the benchmark by which all other tank cleaners are measured.

The combined Cloud and Sellers broad range of products includes a variety of superior tank cleaning machines for interior cleaning of all process, storage, and transportation tanks and vessels. Our B, BX Steam Injectors are also ideal for external cleaning of plant equipment, and can also be used as feed units to operate any of our tank cleaning machines. Units are available and can be configured to meet your specific application needs. Most units offer ease in field maintenance.

Models are available for all major industries, including: Bulk Transport, Marine, Food Processing, Brewing, Wineries, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Fuels, Ethanol, Steel Mills, Pulp & Paper, Chemical Processing, Paint, and all industrial manufacturers.

All models are 100% manufactured to the highest quality standards at the Cloud production facility in San Luis Obispo, CA.