The Sellers 360, SVRU and Troll Ballsare readily available to clean large processing vessels and wine barrels. The low-pressure SVRU is ideal for rinsing applications.


The Sellers 360, Tankman and Jumbo models have been used extensively in the Brewing industry worldwide for many years. The Tankman and Jumbo models are lightweight, highly polished, reliable and cost-effective choices for cleaning of fermenters and other process vessels. The Sellers 360 is also a proven performer throughout several major breweries.


The Tankman and Sellers 360 machines have been specified for the majority of the Ethanol plants for use in the Fermenters, Yeast and storage tanks.

The Model 700/750 machines have been utilized in the Marine industry for many years.

The Model 360, and 180 Directional units have been used in the Petroleum industry for effective cleaning of Mud Drilling tanks and vessels.

The Bulk Transport industry has relied on the Sellers 360 to clean their trucks through the center hole for many years. Our Orbi-G3 and Tankmaster models are also excellent units for cleaning through the 3″ Clean-outs and for cleaning of IBCs, totes and small tanks in the Bulk Transport and Paint and Coatings industries.

General Industrial

Our Hydraulic Jet cleaners and Rotating Tank Cleaning machines are used extensively in the industrial markets. Hydraulic Jets are found in the Food Processing, Petrochemical (Refining) and Steel plants, and many of our tankcleaners are also being utilized successfully in the Pharmaceutical, Food Processing and Chemical Processing industries every day.